Due to some technical faults of the tank that would feed the Bacul Oltisoru 3, the bunker will be carried out on 03.02.2023 between 09: 00-14: 00. Crossing the Danube to the Galati – I.C. crossing point Bratianu will be assigned by Bacul Mare Oltisoru 2, which will carry out non-stop races, without respecting the program.

Low level Danube


Due to the extremely low level of the Danube, our company’s ferries bypass the area with a shallow depth, which leads to increased crossing times and the impossibility of complying with the crossing schedule. At the same time, due to the large angles formed between the footbridges and banks/pontoons, we cannot ensure the crossing of long vehicles (TIRs, trailers, coaches, etc.) as well as low-wheelbase cars.